Win Power Engineering Private Ltd.
Plot No.30,Lakshmi Nagar 3rd Cross Street, Near Bhoomadevi Nagar,Gerugambakkam,
Chennai - 600 122, India. Tel : +91-44-23821818 / 23821819
Our Services includes:

  1. Wind Resource Identification & Assessment (WRA)
    • Mast Installation.
    • Data collection and analysis.
    • Pan India potential site identifications.

  2. Power Evacuation
    • Project related approvals and permits.
    • Power evacuation study and approval.
    • PPA execution and commissioning.

  3. Micro-siting
    • Detailed micro- siting for maximum efficiency of the Wind Turbines.

  4. Land Development
    • Identifying sites on ground and land alienation.
    • Land survey.
    • WTG Location confirmation.
    • Procure land.
    • Clear the land and make it accessible by building internal roads.
    • ROW for Internal & External OH Lines.
    • WTG Storage Yard & Scada land.
    • Hand over land in ready to use condition.

  5. Execution
    • Alienation of all types of land with related approvals.
    • Logistic Route survey and formation of road for materials movement & crane mobolisation .
    • Foundation of the wind turbine and related civil works.
    • Construction of power evacuation systems:
      • Construction of EHV/HV pooling Sub Stations.
      • Construction of EHV/HV transmission lines.
      • Construction of unit sub stations.
      • Commissioning of the project.

  6. Preparation of Detailed Project Reports

  7. Electrical Services
    We holding an ESA Grade License, specialize in electrical work involving WTGs and other related electrical work. We also erect and maintain sub station, HT Transmission Line Work, 11KV, 22KV, 33KV DP Works & Industrial Lighting Arrangements. We also happen to be the one stop shop for all the WTGs related work under the sun.

  8. Civil Services
    We ensure accurate WTGs Civil Construction Work, Wind Mast Erection Work & Ground work for erection of Wind Turbines for varied capacity machines ranging from 250KW to 2.1MW , control room and foundation for Wind Electrical Generator.